In the church there is a section that is allocated to the lives of women in olden days. There are many illustrations depicting scenes from these times.

One of these illustrations depicts punishment because the people involved were not responding the call of the Priest to come to church.

One painting depicts the adulteress woman and her punishment. In another there is the image of the tree of purity in conflict with non-confessing people.

Another is the telling of a “fake” confession where the true sin is hidden.Many of these paintings have stories behind them, and one such picture is “The Evil Metamorphosis”.

This depicts a woman wearing domestic clothing and looking into a mirror which the devil is holding for her.

The devil then starts exaggerating about the womans beauty, making her feel more confident and beautiful than she really is.

The purpose of this story is to depicts how one’s ego can bring out the worst in people, instead of that person’s good side.